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Blue Star Water Coolers

Water Coolers are meant to cool water. But how fast, is what really matters. Especially in places like schools, colleges, offices and other corporate and commercial applications where the consumption of water is frequent and high, which is why, the clients need Blue Star Water Coolers.

Thanks to a powerful and rugged compressor, this latest range of coolers cool water surprisingly fast. Also, Blue Star Water Coolers come with an all-stainless steel body, making them more durable. And together with the power saving insulation and a comprehensive warranty, these Blue Star Water Coolers are complete value for money. What's more, even co-friendly versions of these Blue Star Water Coolers are available. So don't just get cold water, the clients also get a healthy environment, for years to come.

Blue Star is India's largest central air-conditioning and commercial refrigeration company. With over six decades of expertise in offering expert cooling solutions, Blue Star now brings to the clients water coolers with a wide range of features for every need.

Unmatched Features of Blue Star Water Coolers

  • Faster Cooling
  • Eco-friendly
  • In situ power-saving PUF insulation
  • Sturdy compressor and trouble free operation
  • Silent operation
  • Nationwide Blue Star network for prompt Service

Other Highlights SDIx Series

  • Stainless steel body : Water cooler will look new and inviting even after years of use. No rusting, no corrosion
  • Stainless steel tank : For safe drinking water, year after year
  • Easy controls : The externally mounted thermostat makes it easy to set water temperature. No need to open service panels
  • Speedy drainage : The extra-large, stainless steel water tray prevents splashing and ensure fast drainage of water
  • NST Series
    • Adjustable cold water thermostat
    • Seam welded stainless steel tank
    • Pre-coated outer body for better corrosion resistance
    • Mechanically expanded condenser
    • Front panel in stainless steel
    • Sturdy molded / flat / extended plastic legs
    • Auto cut-out
    • Riveted body assembly
    • Over-load compressor protection