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Evaporative Air Cooling System

The Evaporative Air Cooling System, which we offer, is manufactured in compliance with the set industrial standards. We offer these Evaporative Air Cooling Systems at the market leading rates to the customers. We are among the dependable Providers of the Evaporative Air Cooling System.

Plastic Super Powerful Fan

  • Registered design with leading-edge technology
  • Manufactured in 100% glass reinforced polypropylene
  • Aerodynamically designed blades ensure smooth airflow

Tornado Pump

  • Exceptional reliability in extreme conditions
  • Australian designed & manufactured

AQUAflow non-clogging water distribution

  • Unique water flow distributor (patented worldwide by Breezair)
  • Fully balanced and continuous water distribution to all the Chillcel cooling pads
  • Maintains perfect pad saturation - maximising cooling efficiency


  • Non fading
  • Non discolouring
  • UV resistant
  • Non rusting

Automatic duct closure (AutoWeatherseal)

  • Activates when the cooler is not in operation
  • Prevents dust and dirt from accumulating in winter
  • Stops the chimney effect prevents hot air from escaping or cold air ingress from outside

Totally Enclosed fan motor

  • Specially designed for optimum efficiency in a moisture laden space
  • Tropicalised with an additional insulation process ensuring a longer service life

Control Power Module

  • Advanced electronic controls ensure that the TBA operates at optimum efficiency at all times
  • Microprocessor constantly analyses water quality, water consumption and power output
  • Smart, reliable & durable

Clean and Dry function

  • Automatic water draining when cooler not in use
  • Prevents algae growth
  • Maintains clean machine

Long Life ChillcelTM cooling pads

  • Breezair unique ChillcelTM pads provide maximum cooling
  • Honeycomb design optimises the cooling effect
  • Durable design outlasts competitive products


Evaporative Air Conditioning Details