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Voltas Water Coolers

Voltas Water Coolers, which we offer, are appreciated for their quality and long-life. We are among the reliable Providers of the Voltas Water Coolers. We offer these Voltas Water Coolers at the best prices. These Voltas Water Coolers are made using the best quality material.

1) Available in both Full Stainless Steel & Partial Stainless Steel, the Voltas Water Coolers (20/20, 20/40, 40/40) are the best. The success of every office, institute and establishment depends on the efficiency of its most valuable assets. These assets are none other than its employees. And to keep them going, they need to be recharged. That's why our range of Water Coolers has been chosen by the clients. Voltas hold a prominent place in thousands of establishments across the country, for they provide cool water round the clock. No wonder, we call them the official thirst quenchers of India.

  • Faster Cooling : High Energy Efficient Compressor speeds up the cooling precess so that you get cold water faster. It also ensures less power consumption.
  • Partial Stainless Steel (PSS) : Pre-coated outer body for better corrosion resistance.
  • Compact space saving design : This allows them to fit even in cramped spaces.
  • Food grade plastic parts : Plastic parts that come in contact with water are of food grade quality, ensuring utmost hygiene.

Availability : 20/20, 20/40, 40/40, 40/80, 60/120, 150/150.

These world-class water coolers are brought to the clients by Voltas: India's premier air conditioning company. Must we say, we use the same understanding, expertise and attention to details while making every of our Clean Air Equipment. Moreover, with V Service back-up, the clients can be sure of trouble-free performance, year after year.

Voltas believes that its responsibility does not end when its Voltas Water Coolers are chosen. Rather it feels, it is just the beginning of a wonderful association. This has been instrumental in helping in offering design V Service, the Voltas after-sales service network. This unique program has been specially designed keeping your needs in mind. We provide comprehensive contracts at nominal prices. This service can be availed from its Dealers/Franchisees across the country. So no matter where the clients are, Voltas is always there to back you up.

2) Voltas Water Coolers (40/80, 60/120, 150/150); Available in both Full Stainless Steel & Partial Stainless Steel

  • IN-STU PUF Insulation : A unique In-situ PUF insulation ensures that water remains cool for a longer period in case of power failure and hence saves power.
  • Speedy Drainage : The extra-large stainless steel water tray prevents splashing and ensures faster drainage of water .
  • Eco-friendly refrigerant : CFC-Free refrigerant ensures that there's no damage to the environment.
  • Stainless steel tank, trough and faucets : For safe drinking water, year after year.
  • High efficiency heat transfer coil : High quality copper tubes with Rippled Aluminium Fins for its air-cooled condenser ensures highest heat transfer efficiency.
  • Adjustable parts for easy leveling : So that they stand steady on uneven surfaces.

Database Management : V Service is based on the latest technology. The moment an entry is made in your name, it automatically gets registered with all our offices. Service Par Excellence: Manpower training programmes, IT resources and service vans steamline the service procedure and ensure utmost efficiency. End-to-end Customer Service Solutions: V Service provides various services like Do & Charge AMC, Retrofits and Spares. Expertise At Door Step: With V Service, just register your complaint, and a professional will be at your doorstep to attend to your problem. National Network: A wide network of customer call-centres that cater to your complaints round-the clock.